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Thermo Seal: Insulation, Cold & Heat Insulation in the Lindsay Area

When you’re looking to insulate your home or business, you want insulation that will maintain its integrity over time. Thermo Seal Insulation is a certified installer of Owens Corning® (Do It Right, Do It PINK™) insulation products. We use PINK™ FIBERGLAS® insulation, which is part of the PROPINK® Wall Insulation System and is guaranteed to maintain its performance for the life of your home. Owens Corning products are considered Canada’s No. 1 insulation, effectively protecting against the ups and downs of Canadian weather.

PINK™ FIBERGLAS® product features include:

  • Will not corrode
  • Will not settle
  • Is non-combustible
  • Will not support mould growth
  • Has a high thermal resistance
  • Is made with natural materials

Conserve Money & Energy with the Right Insulation

Your energy consumption varies based on many different factors: the current climate, the size and shape of your house as well as the building’s structure. Heat will always seek out a cooler space to occupy. In the winter, it will move from a heated living space to cold attics and basements. In the summer, it will move from warmer outdoor spaces to climate controlled indoors. Proper insulation limits this air movement, allowing you to better control the temperature of your living space and use less energy in the process.

Let us help you protect your home, wallet and the environment. Call Thermo Seal Insulation today for a free estimate.

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